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In nearly 40 countries, for over 25 years, with the most comprehensive product lines worldwide - there is only one company that has consistently produced the highest quality and leading state-of-the art robotic cleaners for the residential and commercial markets - dominating every country and every market.

This company is Aqua Products, Inc. and is American born, American based and its entire domestic operation proudly produces its leading engineered robotic technologies in the U.S.A. No competitor can match Aqua Products service, quality, specifications, features, benefits or expansive product offering. There has always been and will always be those who try to mimic our technology, bring to market products made cheap overseas (i.e. China, Middle East, etc.) and position themselves at lower price points. These products may appear similar, yet have significant engineering and mechanical differences, which is what continues to separate Aqua Products from its competitors. Only Aqua Products is purely dedicated to the research and development, manufacturing, quality control and production of robotic cleaners and nothing else. This is Aqua Products forte. This is not just one segment of its business. This is Aqua Products sole mission executed with absolute focus, and this is why its product range, engineering, features, support and reliability are the worlds leading. We welcome you to compare every aspect of Aqua Products cleaner technologies against any competitor and whenever, if ever in doubt, to please contact Aqua Products directly to learn the truth by allowing them to compare any other cleaning technology and brand.

Aqua Products engineering is evident by its water cooled, brushless motors that are individually sealed in separate casings with lubricating oil to ensure smooth powerful long-term reliable performance. In stark comparison, imitation brands use carbon-tipped brush type motors, have both drive and pump motors sealed in a single casing void of lubricating oil - ensuring greater heat, friction, wear and replacement cost (approx. $700) since both must be replaced at same time. Why would they do this? Simply put, the answer is price and time. It is far easier and cheaper to use lower grade brush motors in a combined single housing for faster installation. This fast, method of mass production with lesser grade materials allows retail prices to be cheaper. Unfortunately, some consumers unknowingly fall victim and end up paying far more as those products do not last and have costly repair bills. Even cheaper models use plastic gears, like in toys, to further lower retail prices, regardless of their inability to survive the harsh conditions underwater in a swimming pool environment.

See how our water cooled, brushless motors are individually sealed in separate casings with lubricating oil to ensure smooth powerful performance for many years longer and without expensive replacement as required with cheaper copies whose motors are carbon-tipped brush type and have both drive and pump motors sealed in a single casing void of lubricating oil - ensuring greater heat, friction and wear. When one of our competitor's motors fail both must be worked on. At Aqua Products, Inc. motors are never repaired. They are always replaced with a new motor so that the old motor can be tested and inspected.

Internally Aqua Products, Inc., Inc. has 3 separate Research and Development labs and engineer teams. The company performs more quality control tests on its cleaners and its components than any other cleaner manufacturer in the industry. In 2003 alone, Aqua Products, Inc. has invested nearly $75,000 in additional hi-tech quality control testing equipment. Externally many tests have been completed over the years all having the same result. Hammacher Schlemmer Institute compared the Aquabot against every other robotic cleaner on the market in several categories ranging from overall cleaning capability to removal and filtration of various debris including sand, coins and leaves - Aquabots were awarded the "Tested Best" performer title every time. Different Olympic committees have purchased competitor commercial cleaners to use for the games. However, the facilities had to contact Aqua Products, Inc. in emergency situations requesting to obtain our cleaners for their elite aquatic events since the competitor brands have failed.

The most important test for us is the consumer. With a 98% "would buy again" response rate there is no wonder why our products, our service and our employees are the world leaders in our field.



Tel: 305 269 0906
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